Worship in times of COVID

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From what I have been able to harvest from the community grapevine it seems the UC is the sole congregation that is still closed.


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People were glad to have the opportunity to share in worship. We had a great deal of music provided on the organ and piano beginning with a 15 minute prelude which was a mix of popular Canadian music, two periods of reflection/prayer accompanied by music, and the Maple Leaf Forever for the postlude. Our usual attendance before Covid-19 was between 60 and 80 people. We have over 200 households on our contact list and 169 supporting households. About 110 have internet. Music was one of our strong points with a superb music leader and our music director plays with the Ottawa Symphony as well as the Deep River Symphony. For the online service on June 28, a recording of the choir singing the chosen anthem from a year ago was included in the video.


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The church I attend decided to not open this summer and to continue with it's services over Youtube and Facebook. Wise decision IMO.


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I haven't checked to see what is happening around here. If I was going to attend a service right now, though, I'd go to a virtual one. While London is looking pretty good on the Covid front right now, I'm not inclined to take risks at the moment. We'll see how things look in the Fall. I'll be back in the office then so venturing out to church may be less of a concern as well.


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Just found this, and don't see a music thread it really belongs in.

A fairly traditional liturgical/musical thought, with a jazz setting. I liked it a lot.

Almighty God


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We won't be back in the sanctuary until September 13 at the earliest. I assume that the recommendations for congregational singing will remain (although there are conflicting studies on the issue, the dominant opinion still seems to be no singing) although we'll probably seek out additional guidance re: solos, or people singing at a distance from the congregation. A couple of people have wondered about singing through masks. I'd be curious to know how your service without singing was received? I think that will be an issue here. PVUC has always been very proud of its music program.

I spoke with my daughter's music teacher at her high school a couple of weeks ago. She said that she fully expects that there will be school bands next year (perhaps not in September, but at some point during the school year) because the studies she's seeing through the Board, etc. are suggesting that instrumental music is not the concern that some originally thought it was. She said there are mixed studies about singing although she thinks there's a 50-50 chance the Board will approve school choirs at some point in the next school year. I did see a British study that seems to contradict the currently dominant position about singing and says that with appropriate social distancing singing is a lot safer than originally thought. (They pointed out that the famous case in Washington State where a choir practice resulted in dozens of infections that's often cited happened in early March before social distancing was a thing, implication being that if people are spread out the risk is significantly lessened.) That all presumes, of course, that schools re-open and that there's no second wave to shut them down again.

I think the most we can say with certainty as churches take tentative steps toward re-starting public, live worship is that things are continuing to change, and it won't be the same worship as we were enjoying back in March. Which offers both multiple challenges and multiple opporutnities.
From what I have seen, the information on wind and brass instruments isn't there to make a conclusion. It seemed to focus on air/droplets and how far they travel in a direct line out of the instrument. My concern would be with the vibration, turns, etc. it could lead to a fair bit of spread in various directions. Maybe it's been looked into more than I think, maybe I'm overcomplicating it. I've just seen articles posted like hey, this shouldn't be the risky that seems to simply the possibilities and doesn't actually look at pathogens at all.