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WonderCafe2 is a home for open-minded discussion and exploration of spiritual topics, moral issues and life's big questions. It is also a community where we laugh, cry, share and have some fun together.

Thanking those who help sustain the community

A place like Wondercafe2 does not come without costs. There is software maintenance, a server to run the software, an Internet connection, and the cost of assistance with design and upgrading. While some sites deal with these costs through paid memberships or upgrades, we believe this community should be free and open to all. As a consequence, we rely on the generosity of individual members to help defray our operating costs.

The following have made financial contributions towards those costs. We thank them for their support in keeping Wondercafe2 a free and open community where all are welcome.







And six donors who remain anonymous at their request.

If you wish to contribute to the community, please see the thread below.

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