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Life After Death....

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Last Sunday I was listening to Tapestry hosted by Mary Hynes about life after death. Her guest speaker was Patricia Pearson who has been studying this for awhile. She spoke about people who had "felt" a relative or who were "visited" by someone...

Can You Be Rich and Be a Christian?

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Is it possible to be rich or even extremely rich to be a Christian?
I think we've all heard it's not money that's evil but the love of money above all else including God, but how do you decide whether someones wealth is being used the right way...

Is the Bible an Extensive Parable?

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That is to say as straight liner it is somewhat of a distracting myth ... as in this world the truth cannot be told as it is too painful for the biguns on balance in the metaphor of the Golden Rule?

Internet Outrage, Public Shaming, and the Modern-Day Pharisee Phenomenon

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This interesting article popped up today on my news feed -...

Traditional theology

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I was told that my theology is quite traditional at a recent committee meeting. I suspect many conservative Christians would not recognize me as even being Christian. My preaching often draws on science, especially quantum physics, the only time...

Pride Week, Some Places

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Or month, depending on where you are. And all celebrations are either off, or virtual. To cheer you, I offer a Barrie poet's Pride poem, written for Grace United Church, read by a number of Grace members, and featuring our new rainbow pathway...

Return to church

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Effective this weekend, churches can reopen in Ontario. They can only operate at 30% capacity and must follow various guidelines (social distancing between households, etc ).

Other gatherings are restricted to 10 people (up from 5).

What do you...

Christianity and Climate change

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(a reboot of a thread from our first year)

I might be comparing oranges to apples here but I think there can be a correlation between the two. What I am suggesting is that the more conservative brand of Christianity tend to view global warming...

Room For All

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In November 2010 I started a thread on Wondercafe called "Room For All". My hope was that it would be a safe space to share life's joys, challenges, celebrations, concerns, and the everyday bits of our lives that make us who we are. Little did I...