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A Bit about this Journey

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If you have arrived on this forum through searches for cervical cancer, my hope is that this writing is of help to you.

Firstly, I am simply a person who was diagnosed with cervical cancer, treated and is doing well. The writing that you will...

There Was No Room At The Inn ----Was This God's Will ?

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When Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem to participate in the census Mary came to the end of her term to give Birth ---apparently there was no room for them in the lodging place and they settled for having their Son born in the stable where the...

BPotW Another Lulu From Luke: The Unjust Judge (Luke 18: 1-8)

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Here's another lulu from Luke. Again, it is an account which doesn't appear elsewhere in the gospels.

Jesus tells a parable to show the...

The Invisible Enemy

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For many there is very little joy in getting older - age brings a whole host of issues and complications. When I was younger I never thought about the complications of getting old, far too busy enjoying myself to think about such things. It's...

How do you define love?

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I've just posted this topic over on my own site and thought it would be interesting to see what you all think and believe about love.

In your own mind how do you define love?
How does it fit in with your life and vision?
How would you describe...

Christianity and other religions

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This showed up on FB the other day. I like it a lot. And it doesn't just apply to indigenous religions. Personally, and historically, I identify most with Christianity. But I don't 'get' dissing other religions as a way to get followers for...

Capitalism and Christ

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A short article discussing the 'capitalist' view of a 'personal savior.' How do you react to it? How does it change your views?


Do Not Worry.......is JEsus serious?

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The suggested Lectionary Gospel Reading for this year comes from Matthew 6. In these verses Jesus tells his friends not to worry about getting basic needs met because God will provide.

Seriously? WHo can do that?

What would Jesus be?

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Just responded to the most fascinating question. "So, back in the day, Jesus was a carpenter. What modern-day job would he have now instead?" (forgive the awkward phrasing; not mine).

Room For All

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In November 2010 I started a thread on Wondercafe called "Room For All". My hope was that it would be a safe space to share life's joys, challenges, celebrations, concerns, and the everyday bits of our lives that make us who we are. Little did I...