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A Bit about this Journey

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If you have arrived on this forum through searches for cervical cancer, my hope is that this writing is of help to you.

Firstly, I am simply a person who was diagnosed with cervical cancer, treated and is doing well. The writing that you will...

2015/12/08: Day 79 - Thankful for Music

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At the Lanc, enjoying the blues of Suzie Vinnick

Suzie's music accompanied me on many days through the journey, travelling to Juravnski as well as Concert Window providing a great distraction. Jocelyn's upbeat attitude was ever present, and...

BPotW Adam & Eve are bad, bad people. Or are they? (do I even need to put the chapter reference here? Genesis 2:4-3:24)

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Yeah, I went there. One of the seminal stories of the Christian tradition is original sin. But is it really what generations of doctrine and theology have said it is? I know some thinkers on the progressive side have different readings of it. And...

Pride 2021 - What's happening?

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Pride month is June and it is here. With the pandemic still raging, though fading, most festivities are going to be virtual or smaller in scale again this year. That does not mean they are not happening though. There is lots to celebrate but also...

BPotW Acts 10: The Good News is for Everyone

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The story of Peter on the roof and Cornelius, the Roman Commander, repeats the concept of Jesus being for everyone.

Here is the link to this reading (Message translation) on Bible Gateway...

Deconstructing and Recistructing

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An interesting snippet of life from Huffpost. What do you think of it? Have you gone through anything like this?
(Hoping for reflective responses, rather than kneejerk reactions)


Duck/Bird of the Day

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On my 'duck hunting expeditions' this winter, I've been accumulating some interesting photos. So rather than keep sharing them in Room for All, I thought I'd open up a new thread. I invite any of you to also post any interesting photos or info...

Room For All

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In November 2010 I started a thread on Wondercafe called "Room For All". My hope was that it would be a safe space to share life's joys, challenges, celebrations, concerns, and the everyday bits of our lives that make us who we are. Little did I...