Community Values

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Community Values
  1. We value each other as human beings and community members.
    • We support and respect each other even when we disagree.
    • We do not belittle or harass each other.
    • We do not insult each other or organizations to which we belong.
  2. We value open and frank discussion
    • We accept that our members have a variety of beliefs, perspectives and opinions.
    • We accept that not everyone agrees with each other. We make arguments for or against an idea, not against a person.
    • We use humor, satire, and swearing with caution when arguing against an idea. We recognise that the reactions of others will vary.
    • We keep discussions on topic as much as possible, accepting that topic drift can and does happen.
  3. We value and welcome all people
    • We welcome all interested persons to WC2 and encourage them to review our Community Values
    • We value our diversity of religious and spiritual expression. We do not support religious views which disadvantage any group (women, etc)
    • We do not use discriminatory language of any kind. This includes but is not limited to racist, sexist and LGBTQ phobic remarks
  4. We value this site as a place to gather in community and share our thoughts and experiences
    • We offer our support to those working to maintain the site and community
    • We report issues that we feel require action by Council
    • We engage in respectful discussion of decisions made by those who administer the site (aka Council) even when we disagree with them, in the appropriate forum
    • We do not post spam, harassing messages, phishing, uncredited intellectual property of others (plagiarism)
  5. As members of Wondercafe2, we embrace these values.
  6. We accept the responsibility as members to uphold these values. We will work peacefully and respectfully to keep this community a friendly home for spiritual and other discussion.
  7. We accept that there may be times when those we elect as members of Council must act in order to maintain and protect these values.