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  1. Mendalla

    Worship in times of COVID

    Checking around this morning, I see most UCCan services in London are still on, but with precautions and advice that high-risk people not attend. Other events at the congregation are mostly cancelled or moving online (for things like Council meetings). Did not check Metropolitan (we went once...
  2. J

    Pentecost SundaySunday

    How will your churches be celebrating Pentecost Sunday tomorrow? It was never a thing in the Baptist churches I was a part of. I'm going to an Evangelical Lutheran church tomorrow, so I'll get a taste of what the ELCIC folk do. Ideally, if actual tongues of fire would come and dance above...
  3. Mendalla

    How was church today?

    So, we haven't had one of these threads going for a while and I always found it interesting to see what other churches were up to. With the new church year under way for most congregations, thought it a good time to get a new one going (and I'm stickying it to keep it visible). How was your...