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  • to chemgal. I am a new member. do not reply... I can figure out this WONDER/CAFE for myself. (*) ----(*) means swear word, my mother would swear but very rarely.
    Of course, Genesis 1: 3, "Let there be light" flashes in my mind.
    So do the essential colours:
    green, red, yellow & blue
    plus others too numerous to mention.
    ChemGal, you write, "The tips are slowly getting finished. Let me know if you think I'm missing something."

    Yes you did. First some questions: How involved were you with WC 1?
    Did you write there? Under what name?
    In your opinion, was it a success?
    Or not? If not? Why not?
    Did it pay for itself, or lose money?
    What editors and writers at the Observer were involved?
    How involved ?
    RevLindsG King
    RevLindsG King
    Were any professors of our theological seminaries involved? If not, why not?
    ChemGal, I have some suggestions to make, if it is okay, to make them. Where do I make them?
    I started a conversation with you, profiles only allow short posts, and it would have taken me more than 2 posts to respond.
    I have nothing more planned for the tips. If you find an error, have a question, or thing something should be added, let me know!
    The tips are slowly getting finished. Let me know if you think I'm missing something.
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