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  1. Mendalla

    Worship in times of COVID

    Checking around this morning, I see most UCCan services in London are still on, but with precautions and advice that high-risk people not attend. Other events at the congregation are mostly cancelled or moving online (for things like Council meetings). Did not check Metropolitan (we went once...
  2. GiancarloZ

    Living in Canada as a foreigner

    My wife is from Québec, and some months ago we were discussing moving to Canada in a few years. In May, though, she's visited her family and decided she wanted to anticipate the moving. So we bought the tickets and moved to Lachute, Québec, on August 23. Things didn't work as planned there and...
  3. Mendalla

    Would your church do this?

    I mean, we don't have a law here in Canada like the ones these dutch pastors are using, but there are other ways to stick your neck out for someone. A Dutch church has been conducting religious services for 27 days to protect a refugee family
  4. crazyheart

    Is Apology the new buzz word in the church?

    Ok... Former MPP wants apology from church, province over response to 1st same-sex marriage | CBC News Former MPP and Toronto reverend Cheri DiNovo wants a formal apology from the province and United Church of Canada for their response to Ontario's first…
  5. GeoFee

    Relevant to Our Time Under Sun?

    Hi, Here are words pronounced in 2014. Seems to me they are just as relevant now, if not more so. I will appreciate any indication of your agreement or disagreement. George
  6. crazyheart

    What is Polyamory?

    I sort of know what Polyamory is. But on Face Book someone said it will be the next big issue in the church. Why? Why all of a sudden would we go from one Issue to another? Why do we need to know? What is the difference between Polyamory and Polygamy?
  7. crazyheart


    IT might only be me but I read Observer from front to back and IMO, this was the most boring Observer I have read in a long time.
  8. Mendalla

    How was church today?

    So, we haven't had one of these threads going for a while and I always found it interesting to see what other churches were up to. With the new church year under way for most congregations, thought it a good time to get a new one going (and I'm stickying it to keep it visible). How was your...