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Back in the 1980's a Unitarian Church in Calgary gave refuge to a man who Mulroney's government was trying to deport. I think he lived in the church for a year and half. Even though Canada is this secular country, the concept of houses of worship being a sanctuary from heavy handed government does exist. There are ways of sticking your neck out that have nothing to do with refuge, of course. Opening your church to all who show up and having programs in place to feed those who are hungry is one way. The hunger is not only physical. Hillhurst is open during the week to give food to the hungry, but there also volunteers who invite the folks to stay for a bit for a meal or a coffee and a chat. Sometimes the hunger is to have someone listen to your story. And Knox United has opened a coffee shop in the back of their sanctuary. A way of sharing their amazing building with folks who may have no use for religion. Oh and if you are ever in Calgary, I can highly recommend the coffee, the barista really knows her stuff! :)

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Can you imagine the powerful attempting to dispose of Kirk by getting entangled in fundamental corruption of the primal COS?

Possibly a slippery plot ...olay the golden (ruse/roue's) in the dark! This MS Understood ... understanding and adequate intelligence is not a high priority! The grasp was thus lost ... and loose ends of the edge on the inside ... as insidious incident?


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Not presently part of any church but I would definitely like to be part of a church with this degree of courage and compassion.


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We had woman living in one of our local Anglican churches a few years ago - sheltered from dept of immigration as long as she stayed within the church - which she did. If I recall correctly, her dtr was staying with church members & would visit her regularly, but the woman could not leave the shelter of the church. I think her situation eventually was resolved legally.


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The answer is maybe.
We were asked to give refuge to a man a few years ago. He was going to be deported and had a girlfriend and child here.. When we learned more-his family of origin had taken out citizen ship but he was a wayward youth and not at home at the time. He had several criminal convictions that his current girlfriend did not know about. The convictions would not let him be around our youth. We declined Refuge-as did other nearby churches.
We were open to the ideas just not the particulars of the specific case.