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My keyboard has been acting up most of the day so I didn't have a working "s" key - very hard to be LAST without it


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Cute! How much swearing?

Not too much.

It's cute and I love the colours! I feel like I'm asking a kid about their drawing - what is it? :LOL:
As a backpack this is doll sized!

It's a mini backpack. Kids might like it for their dolls. Adults could use it for an emergency chocolate stash, dog treats or whatever. If you attach a carabiner you could attach it to a leash or your jeans.

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Is a curse like swearing to do something and then don't?

Sounds very politically radical ...

There are some gifts that are a curse and yet a blessing and thus cause great enigma in mortals ... causing some to regress into far out frontiers ...

Like Sam Johnson defined intellect ... beyond human emotions ... outer ringers? Farce Ide ...


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We should rename this the "Morning Art Thread". But then we wouldn't be able to boast about being LAST! Like I am right now!