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Luce NDs

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Don't get TP Ide over like Custer ... when he discovered beginning folks in great numbers ... endogeneity returns ... with a wrinkle!

Cliff hanger ... and then he jumped ... dune gone ... my grandfather would say "well jumped-up" where did that go ... you know there's bound to be more!

For words come from nowhere ... inky, blinky ... and you node it but forgot! Must have been the satyr than Dan rode under the tree ... looking for a drink ... a taste of the alternate ... sapience? Here in this realm folk are set on naivete; "sir, I know nothing!" Thus absence ... of psyche?

There's only so much to go round ...
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Magic tea is made by magic people. Now I want to write something about magic tea. There is tea mentioned in my latest fantasy story, but it's more a traditional herbal thing, not specifically magic.