Game – 100 uses for an old white queen-sized fitted sheet

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Cut it into smaller pieces and use it to wipe your dog's feet off after a visit to the beach.

Make a pet bed with it. IMG_20200629_174320_198.jpg


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As this thread runs down, it seems pertinent to take account and see how close we make sure we were to reaching 100. My last count we were around 50 I think.

Well, I count this past week we have not only reached 100 but have approximately 125 suggestions. I say approximately because it was impossible to take a definite account. Do duplicates count as one post, or two or three? I was very pleased that there were only a few duplicates and that was towards the end. And we are on our six, page it is almost impossible to check back over all previous posts. Congrats to those who did.

For instance, this is sheet torn and tied to make a rope and hung from an upstairs window count as two if one person uses it to give the impression that someone escaped captivity, and another person would use it as an emergency fire escape? Someone else suggested using tear andi tie between floors of a child tree house.

And what about rugs? Braided, crocheted, knitted, or any other method? Is that one post on several? Is size or intended use make a difference?

And rags? We had several posts about making a riag bag, and many more about tearing this sheet into rags of various sizes for various purposes.

And bags made for other purposes than storing riags.

With all these marvellous suggestions, outcome, I still have a warned queen-size sheet in a pile on the chair in my bedroom?