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  1. Mendalla

    Jazz theology

    The passing of Dr. George Hermanson (Panentheism on the old Wondercafe) had me thinking again about one of the images he used for God. George was very much into process theology and wrote and talked extensively about it. He was also a jazz fan and used the improvisational nature of jazz as a way...
  2. Mendalla

    God is change

    Was listening to a podcast interview with Monica Coleman. While she currently teaches Africana Studies at the University of Delaware, Coleman's doctorate is in theology and she taught at Claremont School of Theology, the process theology hotbed, for a long time. She specializes in process and in...
  3. Mendalla

    What is a personal relationship with God?

    And how do you have one? I mean, even if you believe in a personal deity, they still aren't there, in your face, like a person is. You don't have conversations, you don't take them out for a beer, you don't hold them while they cry over their breakup. I have personal relationships with my...
  4. J

    Investigating the Spirit

    God has revealed through the Spirit God's things to those that love God. The Spirit's God's instrument and agent to enlighten us. In the missionaries' case, the Spirit worked when they were engaged in the work of preaching the Gospel. Since their days, the revelation comes to us through the...
  5. J

    A Mosaic of Beauty

    Love these words of Lisa Samra for Our Daily Bread, "...recounting the great things God has done for us is a way to express praise and can lead us to rejoice. This Christmas season, consider God’s goodness as you reflect on the year. In doing so, you may create a mosaic of great beauty with your...
  6. J

    Animals & the Image of God

    Humans are constantly interacting with other animals. Not only do humans and animals work together in such labor as farming and law enforcement, but many people in Canada include in their families such animals as cats, dogs, small rodents, fish and birds. Some even venture beyond, adopting such...
  7. J

    Share Your Prayer

    A place to record answered prayers. I'll start. I was in my school's bookstore today, needing to buy a book that's very popular here. We're currently at the end of term, so the bookstore was changing its stock over for the next one. I asked the bookstore manager if she had the text, and she...
  8. crazyheart


    On another thread, I saw someone post that we should be obedient to God. God says "Jump !" and we say, "How high?" Where do we hear God? Maybe it isn't God. If not God, who then? And if we jump and end up in a fire or a deep hole, is that being obedient. Makes my head whirl.
  9. Mendalla

    God as Father?

    So, it's Father's Day, at least in North America (a Kiwi on my other board tells me they celebrate in Sept. there to keep it in spring). And one of the defining images and doctrines of God in the Christian tradition is "God the Father" from the Trinity. It is a problematic one these days, with...