A Mosaic of Beauty

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Jun 6, 2014
Suwon, South Korea
Love these words of Lisa Samra for Our Daily Bread, "...recounting the great things God has done for us is a way to express praise and can lead us to rejoice. This Christmas season, consider God’s goodness as you reflect on the year. In doing so, you may create a mosaic of great beauty with your words of praise."

At this special time of year, let's create a mosaic of beauty by sharing with one another what we praise God for in our individual lives and as a virtual community.

Luce NDs

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Jan 4, 2015
Praise all things of God ... even mortal fruitcake that appears like Michael ... a Duffed case to follow as conserved ...

Not a lot of respect for anything .... no more nothing! Authorities will claim to be expert ... and thus that leaking sound ... drips in the dungeons ... the sound drags on because of SteamBoat characterizations of scratch in the night ... a sea of unfound conceptions ... lack of co*gni*zance?

Does raise the curios a titch ... as in Washington Black ... appears as a bum in the night having effect on the chief executive ... even if believed to be untouchable ... emerald shades go round with a fawning smile ... upended?

Avoid dear in the woods especially if dark and rye as oh Din ... that's source of chaos ... so you'd learn ... about strange words and lashings ... LAN dah Goshen that leaves one in a state ... my Ci things on the clocked going for up and downs ... counting out time as dark force in the night ...