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THE GREAT RESET ... Post Covid and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Being Human
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Shouldn't this be on your 'conspiracies' thread instead of here? This has absolutely no relation to Trump, the thread topic here.
Just put your head back in the sand and ignore it ... it has way more to do with the Trump thread than your posts do ... but being the power player that you are ... go ahead and exercise your power to suppress anything that is based on reality. Pump up the chaos EH ... what was that you were saying in ROOM FOR ALL.... perhaps you should move my posts there.

Luce NDs

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Yet ... there is a mass of folks that will follow their heart (will) blindly (without light, nor levity in the work of knowledge and the work of wisdom ... as knowing is a hard job!

Thus the command from top leaders in knowing all about nothing: "don't know a thing!" A grand pass of folk flow along in the dark ... watching the other half burn ... love is like that spontaneous and inciting!

This may be found in reams of myths that are buried in times to allow Shakespeare's fun with All About Nothing!

Is that deviate or just bicameral (split image)? If you speak about it ... it may cause much ado!

In general the common folk do follow along with the ideas set by those on pedestals ... do immersion in etude! Study thus goes down ... perhaps as a line in the desert ... Oh AE Cis Tern ... face it; in the eternal thing we know little ... powers will corrupt this truth how ever they can according to wiles!