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  1. Mendalla

    New Feature: We has an app! Sort of.

    As of version 2.2, Xenforo now enables what is called a Progressive Web App (or PWA for those like me who have repetitive strain injuries from too much typing :rolleyes:). A PWA looks and works kind of like a "real" app, but is actually just using your browser in a special mode so it looks like...
  2. Mendalla

    Coming Soon: New editor

    As part of upgrading the Xenforo software, we are also getting a new version of the editor they use (a third party product called Froala). It's a "cleaner, leaner" look that I am not totally sold on myself. The button bars are organized differently (a lot more buttons buried on the three dot...
  3. Mendalla

    Coming Soon: WC2 Illuminations - our "journal" of art and creative writing

    As discussed in a couple threads before, we are using a new feature of Xenforo called Article Threads (yes, another new thread type) to create a blog-like forum. After looking over the name discussion, I decided "WC2 Illuminations" seems like a good title (wanted the board name in there). The...
  4. Mendalla

    Coming soon: Giphy

    I am sure we have all seen animated GIFs used on forums or Facebook or Twitter. They are basically short little soundless clips, often with captions added to make memes. So, things like this: (Dan Levy's reaction to one of his Emmy wins for Schitt's Creek, FYI) One of the best places to find...
  5. Mendalla

    Coming Soon: Profile Banners

    Want to pretty up your profile on WC2? With the upgrade, we get the ability to add "Profile Banner", a picture that appears at the top of your profile behind your avatar and info. I am sure most of you are familiar with the concept from social media (I have one on Twitter). Adding one is...
  6. Mendalla

    Coming Soon: Change your username

    Up until now, only admins could change a user's name, so you had to send one of us a conversation and wait for us to approve it and make the change. To be honest, I think we've had two, maybe three, name changes in the 6 years we've been running. With Xenforo 2.2, users will be able change...
  7. Mendalla

    Coming Soon: Suggestions

    Another new thread type is the Suggestion thread. It is similar to a question thread but instead of up- or down- voting the answers, you up or downvote the thread starter to signal your support for the suggestion. So, I might suggest "Hey, lets add a forum for discussing weasels and stoats."...
  8. Mendalla

    Coming Soon : Question Threads

    The software upgrade that I have already alluded to before is likely to happen in October based on the current pace of development and my availability (I'm burning a pile of holidays in October so have time). So, I am going to start telling about some of the new features that will be available...
  9. Mendalla

    Post-May 21 Upgrade Issues

    Finding something not working as expected or a new feature missing? Drop a note here and the ape will investigate. Please read through the thread before posting in case your issue has already been addressed.
  10. ChemGal

    New Forum Features - May 21 Upgrade

    The following is information about changes the users will see when the forum is updated to a more recent version, planned for May 21. Much of this is copied and pasted from xenForo's forum, along with a bit of paraphrasing. The items in red are controlled by admin, but will affect what users...