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    Thank-you for our friendship we shared years ago. I appreciated it. When I saw your name just...

    Thank-you for our friendship we shared years ago. I appreciated it. When I saw your name just now, it made me smile. :)
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    Official Board Secretary Handbook

    Great: thanks!
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    Official Board Secretary Handbook

    Hi Folks! I've been note-taker for a year now for congregational and official board meetings at my local United Church and was never given any instruction in my role or how to record the minutes. Is there a booklet online somewhere? I haven't found one. Thanks!
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    How long can a UCC use lay-preachers for?

    Hi! I was told our church could not use lay-ministry indefinitely even though we only have two services a month. How many years can we do this according to the United Church of Canada? Thanks!
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    Long Time No Wonder

    Hi! I got the E-mail inviting me back. It brought a smile to my face to see so many names I remember from five years ago when I was checking out the "future of WC2" forum. I had actually thought about WonderCafe the other day. It was so nice to get advice anonymously but yet respectfully. I...
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    How was church today?

    Yes, married life is super busy. I talked with him and he doesn't like the fact that the guy is "adding to the problem" by having kids while he is without a home, food, medical care etc. This happens with non-refugees too.
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    How was church today?

    Well, the Minute for Mission talked about a single male going into a refugee camp. While living there he married and had a kid and his second will also be born in the camp. Well the point was that he was helping others etc. but a guy in the church got upset over this MfM and says he's not...
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    Bachelorette Ideas?

    Like 12 days. :D
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    Bachelorette Ideas?

    We did 9 holes of golf. It was super fun! Then more people joined us at someone's house where there was an excellent selection of gluten-free food including a sundae bar. We did some games, took pictures, and chatted. I had a lovely time.
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    Bachelorette Ideas?

    Just a quick update. Sounds like in July we will go golfing then meet up at someone's house for food & fun. It'll be a dry event that's completely gluten-free so I'm happy. A Co-worker said "It will also be fun-free": ha ha.
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    Bachelorette Ideas?

    Thank you everyone for your most excellent ideas. Many I had never thought about. I will let you know what does take place.
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    Bachelorette Ideas?

    Hi Everyone! Our wedding is almost 100 days away. :) Any suggestions for a bachelorette party? Alcoholic drinks and male body parts (real or otherwise) would not appeal to me for such an event. Thanks!
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    Ghomeshi walks

    I listened to Q for years as that was the only station my radio could receive (this was before getting an IPhone). I always felt uneasy about him. I, too, am disappointed how this trial went.
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    Spring Game Thread

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    A House Update!

    I was the brave one to pick up the snake to release it outside.