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    Gluten Free, Lactose Free Cake?

  2. Greywolf336

    Gluten Free, Lactose Free Cake?

    The bride cake sounds exactly like what I was thinking!
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    Gluten Free, Lactose Free Cake?

    That’s true but my friend is more of a vanilla person. I’m not 100% sure his tolerance level so if I’m giving it to him for a birthday I’d rather not chance it! He is more tolerant of dairy than gluten though.
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    Gluten Free, Lactose Free Cake?

    I was thinking vanilla so I can do a raspberry filling but I am open to other options!
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    Gluten Free, Lactose Free Cake?

    I am looking for a recipe for a gluten free, lactose free cake. I’m hoping to bake one for a friend’s birthday in September and was thinking I should maybe do a trial run first. I have a “go to” vanilla cake recipe I use so if anyone knows how to properly convert recipes, that would also help...
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    Anybody watching Baseball?

    I am but I’m torn whether I should or not. I don’t agree with the fact that they are playing but at the same time we missed it and enjoy that is it back. I am angry that vert little precaution seems to be taken, over a dozen players on the Marlins have testes positive but the team might be...
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    Greens and Blooms

    @Kimmio Laughterlove I am not a plant person by any stretch of the imagination but I’m really enjoying your pictures. You’re a very good photographer.
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    Gardening Thread

    I briefly looked into clover but thought it said it required lots of sun. I will look into white (and red I can mow it to keep it shorter though that may defeat the purpose).
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    Gardening Thread

    I have a lawn more than a garden question but maybe someone will know. My backyard needs some help in the grass department. What is there is patchy at best and thin which makes it very muddy when it gets wet. I want plant/seed it with something to fill it in. I’d be interested in doing...
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    What are you doing to worry less?

    There are a number of houses in my neighbourhood who have put up Christmas lights, one has put out all their Christmas and Halloween blow up decorations (which my puppy must guard me from every time).
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    Our beloved Matthew passed away

    I am just seeing this now and I am so sorry for your loss. As many have said, you did a wonderful job of introducing us to Matthew and letting is have glimpses into your lives. I hope you take some comfort in knowing that Matthew touched many lives, even those who didn’t know him in person...
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    When you hear thunder, it will be him playing. RIP, Neil Peart

    I had never heard of them and still am not a huge fan but my boyfriend is. We went to see them in Montreal during their last tour and despite not really knowing the songs or really being a fan, it was a good concert. My boyfriend is sad today but glad he managed to see them live.
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    Anybody missing Secret Santa? 2019

    @Sarah I thought you might be interested to know that your grandma’s spirit was still involved with secret Santa this year as people tried to incorporate a heart into their gift ❤️
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    Has Christmas Changed Since The Children Have Left Home?

    I must say I would be really sad to not do presents, not so much because I want them (though I do appreciate receiving) but more because I REALLY enjoy giving gifts. I have lists in my phone of ideas for people and I add go it year round. It’s not unusual for me to pick up a stocking stuffer or...
  15. Greywolf336

    How to deter dogs.

    I generally go to pick up my mail at the end of a walk with my dog so he would be right at the mailbox with me.