Forum Game: Make a five word sentence with the last word of the previous one

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The Legend Continues
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Screw those other tongues ... only english is clear? Bloody awesome theology ...

What would we miss in all those ancient versions that compile english in integral form ... accrued tongues in a modern twist?

Few observe the ridiculous consequences ... like Finnegans Wake as ithchi demonstration ... grilled sol? Toasty treats from the depths ... essence 've feed for the alternate spirits?

Maybe psychic incident that left no impact of the stoic and hard set ... no give and take as deux of Adoni ... the lost given state is like nothing ... an emptied passion or stripped down love freed from false fabrications?

Thus AD onus as overhead dropped on the populace! So moor ... to come ... amoor eh? Thinking thus cinques ... underpowers?
Remember, please, this is a game thread, and supposed to be light hearted and fun. Create a sentence beginning with the last word of the last word of the sentence before... thanks very much