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Conspiracies, What Are They ?

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Luce NDs

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There is one major mistake in assumption that almost all people make who object to conspiracy—they assume that everyone or nearly everyone contributing to the conspirator’s agenda must know there is a conspiracy and be privy to the whole agenda.

This is not true, but conjuring up this assumption allows people to easily dismiss conspiracy with the understanding that too many knowing people would make it impossible to keep the secret.

Top level conspirators use masses of predictable yes-men, ambitious lackeys and partially knowing ladder-climbers to do their bidding—specifically so as to limit the number who have “need to know” access.

They cement together the whole conglomerate with subtle and not so subtle threats—and occasionally carry them out. Many are bought off with regular payments—like journalists and judges. Most know only parts of the puzzle.

However, almost everyone in high places does know there is “power structure” above them they dare not challenge, they also know it isn’t good for their job, advancement or health to “ask too many questions.”

Read any number of the tales by whistleblowers to confirm this general fear.

Thus, most participants rationalize it all away as some benevolent control system, or assume that “whoever they are” must control the world in order to have stability.

Others, especially in the enforcement ranks, are just too corrupt to care.

Lesser officials who are tasked to defend these lies tend to believe their own propaganda.

However, the ones at the very top, who do know how to use war to create Hegelian responses, are very, very evil—something most of the world doesn’t really 'believe' in anymore, and that is why many people can’t conceive of this horrible brand of conspiracy.

Not to discount the military-industrial complex argument, but it doesn’t explain why people that are already fabulously wealthy and who control the reigns of power are still pushing the world toward greater and greater global control.

None of this will give them any more personal power or wealth.

How much can any single person use?

Let there be no doubt—the top echelon expects to survive this—why else have they built significant bunkers (at taxpayer expense).

Somebody knows something wicked this way comes.

Many who do not 'believe' in conspiracy—at least on a broad scale try to explain things in terms of mistakes, blunders and attempts to cover for those blunders.

The basic problem I have with reliance on standard psychological and sociological models is that it breaks down with the more specific information about the detailed actions of those involved in the government’s undermining of national interests—in exchange for global interests.

An honest conspiracy debunker would have to read all the literature of all the defectors from 'black agencies'.

Virtually none of the defectors themselves sees the big picture either—but the evidence is clear that the whistleblowers all knew that the higher ups directly conspired to keep them silent.

Julian Assange.

Few witnesses immersed in the details of a whistleblower’s tragic battles with government have the talent to see the correlation and pattern of action that point to a coordinated plan of attack on global liberty.

It’s too easy to focus on the specific injustice.

Covering for blunders alone does not explain why high government officials keep making NOVEL MISTAKES in the same consistent direction and why there are more and more NOVEL EFFORTS to cover for NOVEL THREATS.

Why is it that we never see any official learn from the blunders of the past?

Why is it that the betrayals keep accelerating and getting broader?

The more diverse the agencies involved and the more people that are brought into the net of betrayal, the less possible it is that they are all acting only to cover for mistakes.

There has to be some other explanation that keeps generation after generation of government officials moving toward a single direction.

Cover-ups are the best evidence for conspiracy—simply because of the interconnectedness between disconnected officials and agencies that happens in a conspiracy.

While admitting that cover-ups exist, how can one at the same time claim that there is no plan behind them—that it is only normal sociological motives of rogue individuals.

I don't buy it—mainly because of the many, many years this has been going on, and the fact that it has always had a powerful continuum of hostility toward the interests of liberty.

If it were people covering for people, the process would clear itself from time to time or even reverse directions.

It would be more random.

But it isn’t random.

It shows all too much disturbing evidence of continual forward movement—purposeful movement, in my opinion.

The Great 'Global' Reset ...

In any case, the least you can do is prepare to survive the next war which is the war on human biological being as far as I can tell ... unless you prefer being a Borg of course.

Just indicating more strongly about how much is unknown ... an indeterminate quantity?