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  1. ChemGal


    Unspeakable airs tomorrow, it's about the tainted blood scandal. Unspeakable creator has inside perspective on Canada's tainted blood scandal | CBC News I'm interested to watch, but also a bit hesitant as I've had some pretty overwhelming feelings at times regarding how easily I could have made...
  2. Mendalla

    Champagne wishes and caviar dreams

    If you remember that phrase, then you probably remember Robin Leach and his Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I watched it occasionally but not being a big celeb-watcher, wasn't a fan. Leach has gone off to his own caviar dreams, dying of a stroke at 76. Robin Leach, 'Lifestyles of the Rich...
  3. Mendalla

    Another bit of my childhood gone

    I has a bit of a sad as a fan of The Six Million Dollar Man. Richard Anderson, who played spy agency chief Oscar Goldman in both that series and spinoff The Bionic Woman, has died at 91. Richard Anderson, from Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman, dead at 91 Anderson's role was a supporting...
  4. Mendalla

    The New Doctor (Who)

    We had a really good Dr. Who thread on the old site but I think most of the Who fans from that thread are gone now. Anyhow, the Doctor is getting ready to regenerate again and the new star of the series, taking over from Peter Capaldi, is Jodie Whittaker. Jodie is the Thirteenth Doctor and the...
  5. Mendalla

    RIP, George Romero, 1940-2017

    The man who gave us the living dead has gone to join the dead himself. In 1968, a small budget horror film called Night of the Living Dead debuted. It's a creepy, atmospheric, black and white thriller about a group of people trapped in a house as carnivorous animated corpses wander about...
  6. Mendalla

    Pop culture figures that become part of your life

    Batman died today. Not the character, but the actor most closely associated with the part by my generation. Adam West, who played Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne for the three season run of Batman in 1966-68 has passed away at 88. Even 50 years after end of the show, it remains West's...