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  1. Mendalla

    A cool, positive political story

    Saw this and thought it was a neat story. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/theyre-mpps-for-opposing-parties-theyre-family-and-they-get-along-great/ar-BBYkInW?li=AAggXBV Short version: Ontario Minister of Agriculture (under both Mike Harris and Doug Ford) Ernie Hardeman and NDP...
  2. Mendalla

    May stepping down as leader

    13 years as leader, 8 in the House, is enough, I guess. Elizabeth will not be leading the Greens into the next election. They have an interim leader in place and May will remain as house leader (with a caucus of 3) for now. I will miss her but at 65, she's certainly earned her retirement if...
  3. Mendalla

    Canada Votes, 2019

    We're discussing an American election that won't happen until November 2020 and yet ours is only a couple months away. While the writ hasn't dropped yet, the party leaders are already talking about promises, policies and platforms while the chattering classes are talking about polls and...
  4. Mendalla

    Yes, we can catch the fake news disseminators and hidden operators...if we try

    We've had a political firestorm blow up here in London. "Fake news" sites that attacked two council candidates, both women, in last fall's municipal elections have been traced to the owner of a political consulting firm used by several candidates here in that election. One of those two lost and...
  5. Northwind

    What Have The Baby Boomers Done For Us?

    I'm starting this thread after a tangent in the Trudeau thread discussed Boomers and their effect on our political climate and values. In that thread, Boomers are accused of having "dropped the ball", allowing the growth of neoliberalism. The poster who made this accusation asked what good have...
  6. Mendalla

    The return of Hurricane Hazel

    No, not the storm from the 1950s, but the feisty former long-running mayor of Mississauga, Ontario. Hazel McCallion has accepted an advisory job in the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs worth an estimated $150K. Not bad for a 97-year-old. Former mayor Hazel McCallion, 97, to become special...
  7. Mendalla

    When will people learn?

    So longtime Conservative stalwart Tony Clement has resigned from his shadow cabinet post and committee seats. Apparently, he sent naughty selfies to a female correspondent who then turned around and tried to use them for extortion. He is married but the scenario would suggest that the recipient...
  8. Mendalla

    Religion and politics

    So, what do you think? Should churches (and non-Christian religious institutions as well) be "politically active" or just focus on "spiritual matters"? How far should they go in their activism? Should their participation in politics be regulated? What does scripture have to say about it? I've...
  9. Mendalla

    Municipal elections

    So, beside the looming provincial vote, Ontarians also face electing their municipal councils and leaders again this year (November). London's mayoralty race got a shakeup this week as incumbent Matt Brown chose not to run for re-election. Officially, he's decided that one term as mayor and...
  10. Mendalla

    Money & Politics

    I could put this in the Trump thread but I thought it also reflects more generally on the confluence of economic and political power. It's a profile by Keith Boag of the CBC (one of their best at present) of Robert Mercer, the reclusive hedge-fund billionaire who helped put Trump in power and...
  11. Graeme Decarie

    My blog for today.

    Canada Day Oh, all the news media and politicians will talk about what a glorious country this is. And, I certainly think this is the best country in the world to live in. But this is one hell of a terrible world. For a dose of reality, let's take a look at the career of the much-honoured...