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  1. Mrs.Anteater

    The new Canadian Foodguide

    So finally, it looks like research has caught up and the lobbyist were disregarded. The new Canada’s Food Guide explained: Goodbye four food groups and serving sizes, hello hydration Is anybody surprised by the new Canadian foodguide?
  2. ChemGal

    Eating Weeds

    Does anyone here eat 'weeds' (are they actually weeds at that point?) from areas where you know it's safe - typically your own yard or garden? How did you start? Was someone with you the first time showing you what was safe, or did you just rely on books/online resources? I hear from quite a...
  3. crazyheart

    Food That Reminds You Of......

    Quite a discussion about Hamburger Helper and I mentioned the Thatcher Trial and Joanne Wilson. Is there a food or some such thing that reminds you of an event?
  4. Mendalla

    Meat - Eat it or not

    Here is a thread to debate and discuss whether we should eat meat or not.
  5. ChemGal

    Local "ethnic" foods

    Curious about what foods are considered to be local, especially if they are associated with a particular culture - this tends to be seen with Canadian-Chinese food especially. Include some of the foods that were local to you too. For the Chinese stuff it was ginger beef that started in...
  6. ChemGal

    Unfamiliar foods

    Taking this out of Unwanted. Growing up, I remember sometimes being able to get 'apple-pears' from the grocery store. I'm fairly certain that's what they called them, not just a name we gave them. Now, I see similar things, but more than one. I currently have a few called 'qiuyue pear'...