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  1. JayneWonders

    A Bit about this Journey

    If you have arrived on this forum through searches for cervical cancer, my hope is that this writing is of help to you. Firstly, I am simply a person who was diagnosed with cervical cancer, treated and is doing well. The writing that you will read in this series is regarding my experiences and...
  2. Mendalla

    Alex Trebek

    Possibly the best known Canuck on US television, longtime game show host Alex Trebek dropped some sad news today. He is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. At least he has a sense of humour about it, joking that he has to fight it because there's three years left in his Jeopardy contract.
  3. Mendalla

    Godspeed, John McCain

    I'm not someone who admires or makes a fuss over politicians. They're elected to do a job, not be celebrities. One who I do at least have some respect for, in spite of his political affiliation, is Senator John McCain of Arizona. He has a remarkable amount of sense and integrity for a Republican...
  4. crazyheart

    Please try to stick by me.

    My family, Pilgrim's Progress and Pinga have encouraged me to create a thread. WC and WC2 have been a life line for me since WC started You have travelled with me through breast Cancer,masectomy ,Radiation Treatment,', and 5 years of anti estrogen pills. I have never admitted this before but...