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If you have arrived on this forum through searches for cervical cancer, my hope is that this writing is of help to you.

Firstly, I am simply a person who was diagnosed with cervical cancer, treated and is doing well. The writing that you will read in this series is regarding my experiences and information that I garnered along the way. There are many types of cancer and many different treatments and outcomes, even for the same type of cancer. When reading, please understand that your best source for treatment plans or prognosis is with your medical team. Just as everyone has different experiences when travelling, your experiences may differ.

Secondly, these posts were first made in 2015. Due to an unfortunate disclosure in a large gathering, I found that I needed to do something to dispel rumors of my impending demise. I decided to use Facebook to share information with my family and friends. . Although I hadn't planned to write such posts, the writing ended up being both helpful for me to process, and friends felt it was of value to them as well. I referred the posts as the Unexpected Journey.

If you have come to read the posts, I recommend that you read them in the order that they were written (ascending), and so, I am placing the original posting date into the title. I will be adding the posts in close to the same rhythm as they were originally made on Facebook. Due to the nature of wondercafe2 as compared to Facebook, the formatting will be changed slightly. If appropriate, I will include any responses to queries on those posts. Some of the posts may make casual readers uncomfortable. If appropriate, I will use the spoiler functions so that you can choose to read.

Once you have read the posts, you may wish to change your sort order so that you see new first. Also, you can use the reaction to indicate that the post was read. I recognize it may feel weird to like it, but, it just means that you appreciated the message. If you are new to this style of posting, you can click on "the Unexpected Journey" to the master list of articles

Finally, I hope that this forum is of use to you. in some way. I recognize that I am lucky to live in a country with quality public health care.

I am forever thankful for the health care professionals who cared for me throughout my time, and for my family and friends who supported me.

Public Service Announcement: If you are a woman with a cervix, then, I implore you to ensure you have your Pap tests on schedule.


*** Copyright for these posts remains with the author.
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So, I just looked it up, and recommendation in Ontario for preventive screening is every 3 years from age 21 (or onset of sexual activity) until age 70. Mmmm...not sure I've been sent my letter reminding me to get my pap smear. I'm on the regular breast and colonoscopy letter regimen.

And of course, these protocols vary by province.
We had letters here about results. I complained - it went to my parents house. My doctor was unaware and had no ability to change the address. I had changed my address multiple times with the province and they kept arguing I wasn't doing it right. Someone within the system made an error no one could change their address in the provincial system and it took multiple escalations from me for them to even become aware.

I just couldn't believe it wasn't possible to prevent test results from going to an old address. Healthcare system has funny ideas about security.

Reminder letters much less of an issue than results being wrong!

I'm not totally sure of guidelines here I think it may be up to 5 years.
Took a look age here is 25, apparently it isn't really beneficial earlier .f
Frequency is 3 years I think some doctors are recommending 5 although it may be the 5 is standing out from the 25. Other places have gone to 5 years though so that's possible, especially if HPV tests are done and negative.