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    Forum Game: Make a five word sentence with the last word of the previous one

    questions without answers irritate me.
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    Oh No, You Say- Secret Santa- Too Soon

    mine is mailed. did you know that you had to pay for tracking .almost double. needless to day, I didn't. Might get there in time for Ground hog day.
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    Seeler's complaints

    Seeler, you have been my rock as I worked through Morley' s Parkinsons. I have never said Thank You. Blessings to you and your family.
  4. crazyheart

    Oh No, You Say- Secret Santa- Too Soon

    ummmm, bubble wrap? box? tape or string???? mumble, mumble
  5. crazyheart

    These are a few of my favourite things version17

    As far as I know all have done this part. Some did that part but didn't sign up to take part
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    Oh No, You Say- Secret Santa- Too Soon

    mine is nearly ready
  7. crazyheart

    Meanwhile in Korea

    Lots in our Northern parts of provinces, In fact, I read that they are becoming a menace and are dangerous if encountered.
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    @Pilgrims Progress - Australia--Question

    In a conversation with a friend, I said there should be mandatory voting. But we figured it would be too costly to implement. She googled and low and behold Mr. Google said Australia has mandatory voting. Explain some of this to me PP.
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    New House -- Transitions

    Listen to your mate @Pinga. Rest, relax, or tiredness will hit like a bang.
  10. crazyheart

    Oh No, You Say- Secret Santa- Too Soon

    all good. hope everyone gets a name and address. let me know
  11. crazyheart

    House Shower for Pinga

    a bottle of rum and some coke
  12. crazyheart

    House Shower for Pinga

    As you know Pinga is moving in to a new house' She has been purging, boxing stuff and working like the :devil:. so we are throwing a bit of a party. Every one bring something BUT only bring something that won't add to the clutter. Some thing that she threw out or never needed. I am sending...