TRUMP - Some people think......... How do you feel?

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Evidently, Trump thinks his face should be included on Mt. Rushmore. Her's one artist's conception of how that ought to look.
Let's be honest, here. Mount Rushmore, in retrospect, was a vanity project in the first place. Destroying a mountain so they could honour their Presidents is really American arrogance and pride at its worst. Mountains should stand as a monument to nature and a reminder of how much bigger the world is than just us. They should teach humility, not pride.

Luce NDs

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Imagine faces in a high position ... prepared for eventual nemesis ... thus the earth falls! This a mire transference from a searing heat ... perhaps a word from Enoch ... listen to the bump in the Nix (old word for night) when you should rest! Some can't because of narcissistic abuse! It is a missal from the unseen psyche ...

Tis a darker shade ...