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  1. Mendalla

    Farewell Flash! And don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

    Macromedia's Flash was a major game-changer on the Internet when it came out in the nineties. It allowed the authoring and playing of complex, even interactive, media content in an era when the web was still largely one way, from the provider to the user. Besides being the basis for early media...
  2. Mendalla

    Cute, entertaining stuff we find online

    There may a thread for miscellaneous fun stuff already, but it's long since vanished into the mists of WC2 so I'm starting this one. I recently discovered a channel on Youtube for Owl Kitty. Basically, the channel owner films their cat in front of a green screen, then edits her into movies and...
  3. ChemGal

    Internet Browser Extensions

    I really haven't sought out many of these. I have used some on and off for screenshots, one I used stopped working, so now I use Lightshot. I finally decided to get an app for recipes. I think I had signed up for a website to store recipes a long time ago and I also recall getting messages...
  4. Mendalla

    Web browsers

    I've been flip-flopping between Chrome and Firefox for a while now but always seem to land on Chrome. However, the latest updates to Chrome irritated me enough to give Firefox another whirl. Basically, Google is starting to go too far with using Chrome as a data gathering tool and I'm starting...
  5. Mendalla

    Internet Hoax/Scam: Rowan Atkinson IS NOT dead.

    But there's a malware using a hoax video claiming that he is as its lure. Rowan Atkinson not ‘dead’: Viral Mr. Bean hoax is spreading a real virus Just say no to Internet hoaxes, esp. dangerous ones.
  6. Mendalla

    Bizarre Internet stuff

    Okay, what follows is a spoiler for Avengers : Infinity War so stop here if you haven't seen it and hate spoilers. So, the bizarre part is that a subreddit (basically a forum on Reddit) is banning half its members to simulate an event in a movie. And thousands of new members signed up just...
  7. Mendalla

    Wireless Data in Canada

    Saw this on CBC this morning. I have a couple reactions. We're addicted to wireless data: And the overage fees for it have just gone up First off, I think our carriers are greedy a**hole pigs. Why can they not offer unlimited data? Will it really tax their fragile networks so much? I mean...