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  1. Inannawhimsey

    Wondering Aboot Wealth Inequality

    Taking a look at Wealth Inequality historically over multiple countries [IMAGE SOURCE: Daniel Gomez Gaviria]
  2. Inannawhimsey

    Welcome to Harmony

    Fellow convivial sentients Let this be a dumping ground for all stories you come across of the various moments and happenings when it all works, comes together in your short travels on thislovely living ball of soil we call Earth. Whatever YOU of course consider to be harmonious etc I'll...
  3. Inannawhimsey

    Freedom Wonderparty!!!!!

    Celebratin true freedom The freedom that reality/Deity itself grants every so often Shaking off our various chains (Or making us aware of them so that we can shake out booties to break our chains ourselves) Please help yourselves to the 11 layer Freedom Dip (so many non fattening calories)...
  4. Inannawhimsey

    Royal Visit

    The 2017 Invictus Games will be in Toronto! Some of you may be going And some of you who follow Royalty might actually be able to see and perhaps talk to and touch? Melania Trump is coming to Toronto Do any of you like any of her outfits?
  5. Inannawhimsey

    Things That Concern Me

    Being dogmatic Maybe Trudeau when He legalizes the Sacred Herb will really be condemning people to mental social financial suffering? Stupid Arguments for Drug Legalisation Examined and Refuted - Mail Online - Peter Hitchens blog Acting according to programming Feel free to write aboot yer...
  6. Inannawhimsey

    Please enter a valid title.

    Fellow convivial sentients I'm curious as to if anyone here has ever heard, come across, experienced, read etc Any instances etc of Canadian Aboriginals who have elevated mankind like Curie or Rev King or Baudelaire or Kant or Elanor of Aquitaine or Spinoza or Newton or Locke or Pasteur or...
  7. Inannawhimsey

    Lo! Rocket Ride to Prolix 8 and Beyond

    Fellow convivial science fiction geeks Someone has made available for free Copies of Galaxy Magazine Huzzah Galaxy Magazine : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
  8. Inannawhimsey

    Cultural and Otherwise Infodumps

    Fellow convivial sentients Tired of looking around for information or looking at a headline and not knowing what it means? Best to go right to the source for info. So many cultures. Let this b a thread that can help you shorten yer research time I'll start with a hot topic: Sharia Law...
  9. Inannawhimsey

    Symphony of Humanity

    Fellow Convivial Sentients I didnt know where 2 put this marvy piece; it could fit in the AGI thread or Mendalla's Science thread and others Its a quartet. Made by 4 severely motor impaired people hooked up in such a way that their brains play music... 9 minute video with a blurb explaining...
  10. Inannawhimsey

    "What is That???" --Torontonian

    This goes out to the dwellers innear Canada's Minas Tirith, otherwise known as Toronto I hear there's a new skyway? What do you think? The dazzling new skybridge is up at the Eaton Centre
  11. Inannawhimsey

    Iraq Wonderparty!!!

    Na naa naa naa na naa naa naa Evil losers Goodbye Iraq celebrates. What a pregnancy! 9 months of hard fighting Iraqi PM announces victory Many celebrations all over Iraq Help yourself to the falafel and dolma Hopefully another Marshall Plan can help with the rebuilding
  12. Inannawhimsey

    Welcome to the Asylum

    Fellow convivial sentients Let this be a dumping ground for all stories you come across of the various madnesses, crazyness and darn loonie things you've come across in your short travels on this lovely ball of dirt we call Dirt. Whatever YOU of course consider to be mad crazy kabong etc I'll...
  13. Inannawhimsey

    Independence Day Wonderparty

    Fellow sentients Break out the enchilidas and 12 bean dip The waitcritters are here to fulfill our every need and more. They are the people who are wearing the Founding Mothers and Fathers masks We have some American friends with us here on WC2: Beyond Gallegos So let us celebrate their...
  14. Inannawhimsey

    Fun Test: The Big 5 Personality Test

    A common test used by professionals to help us human beings with our complex personalities based on current knowledge is the Big 5 Personality Trait test. These measure personality traits. These traits are shared amongst various categories of humans too (women tend to score similar in certain...
  15. Inannawhimsey

    Puttin on the Perspectacles

    Fellow sentients I have come across a guy who reminds me a lot of the late great Joe Campbell. He is a clinical psychologist working out of UofT. He wrote a book some 15 years ago that has made me go "good now i dont have to finish my book." It is called Maps of Meaning and is available from...
  16. Inannawhimsey

    Breathe In...Breathe Oot...Wait, Strawberry?

    Fellow sentients So Oxygen Highly toxic and flammable Necessary for cellular respiration (Git along little ATP!!!) Some of us know or are or will be having to go on Oxygen for various reasons... Made me wonder...a spark...flavoured oxygen...what an idea And someone Has already done it...
  17. Inannawhimsey

    All A Great Big Fam-ee-lee

    Some may have heard that Kanada has a new Emperor Who likes long runs on beachfronts And hugs with unicorn puppets And helping CBC get more rockin (eres lookin at u, Deerchild) What else are you looking forward 2 for Kanada's Fabio to achieve? I do hope the current Fed will actually define...