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  1. Mendalla

    Library fines - yes or no?

    London Public Library has taken the rather dramatic move of completely eliminating overdue fines/fees. Along with that goes a total forgiving of outstanding accounts. So everyone now has a balance of 0 and won't get any more. The argument is that it makes the library more accessible for those...
  2. Mendalla

    How to read/study: Heaven and Hell : A History of the Afterlife by Bart Ehrman

    As mentioned in some threads already, I have been reading Heaven & Hell : A History of the Afterlife by Bart Ehrman. Short version is that he looks at the idea of an afterlife divided between a paradise and a place of torment and looks at the views of the afterlife in Western culture and...
  3. Mendalla

    The Testaments

    With award and popular buzz already surrounding it, the sequel to the Handmaid's Tale hits shelves officially today. There was a launch party at a bookshop in the UK last night which seems to have gone well, based on Tweets from Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, who were in attendance. The article...
  4. ChemGal

    Suggestions for Specific Types of Board Books

    My youngest nephew loves books with moving bits - pull tab, flip books, etc. He is super rough on them though. I have found there are ones where things pop up by sliding them out with a spot for a finger within them. There's multiple by the same group, but they are all animal based and don't...
  5. Mendalla

    Favorite Love stories (movies, novels, TV story arcs, whatever)

    Since Valentine's looms and love is in the air, how about hearing people's favorite love stories from any media. Could be three hankie weepers, romantic comedies, fantasies. Hell, even erotic romances are cool here (just keep the discussion SFW, Safe for Wondercafe). To kick off: The Princess...
  6. Mendalla


    Okay, first a loose definition. "Headcanon" is when fans of a media property have their own ideas of how a character should look or which two characters should hook up or who should die in a series or whatever. For instance, most of us old school, pre-Peter Jackson Tolkien fans had ideas about...
  7. Pinga

    what are you reading?

    On the room for all thread we sometimes talk about a book someone has recently found to be fabulous or even just a perfect mindless read