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    Last Post Thread

    Last. Just popping in to say that as I am on this computer to do some printing.
  2. Tabitha

    Church silos

    when I was in Edmonton St. Paul's partnered with Knox Met in the summer. Both United churches are about 5k apart in the city. Summer services were shared but with a twist. Folks from St. Paul's led the services at Knox Met AND THE OTHER WAY AROUND. sO ANYONE ATTENDING EITHER KNEW THE BUILDING...
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    Wondercafe Participation

    Hi Folks just an explanation of my absence I found w/c less captivating for me. My computer was breaking and I began using IPad more. I did not move wondercafe over. Computer now changed. I pop in very occasionally. Last time was a wondermail from chansen. I see many of the posters on...
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    Room For All

    A beautiful supermoon tonight. It is just climbing over the hills (well really mountains but after the Rockies and the Cascades-hills)
  5. Tabitha

    Covid 19 catch up

    Waterfall Are you on Facebook? If so under messenger there is an option for videochats.
  6. Tabitha

    Our beloved Matthew passed away

    I am sorry Daisy Jane. Matthew will be missed. My heart goes out to you and your family.
  7. Tabitha

    Covid 19 catch up

    I found video chat on facebook messenger easy to use to chat with a niece in Grenoble France. She is symptom free but chose to stay rather than travel. She is writing some papers for her grad school (in France) and self isolating in an Apt. Like the rest of the city.
  8. Tabitha

    Room For All

    A friend dropped off a roll of batting she wasn't going to use. It would be 2021 before I run out of fabric. In exchange I sent a Robert Munsch book for her Kindergarten child. And yes we did the exchange respecting the distance.
  9. Tabitha

    Physical Isolation: Things to do?

    So far it has just felt like some hot days in the summer where we stay inside. I am on my second week of spring break-with all the travel plans cancelled so I am at home unexpectedly and limiting physical contact. I have done some sewing, some walking/biking respecting the 2m rule, some...
  10. Tabitha

    Novel Coronavirus

    Really folks. I think haircuts and colours are the least of our worries. Pilgrim you would rock silver hair!
  11. Tabitha

    Room For All

    Well my adventuresome spring break plans-a quilting cruise out of Florida followed by an Ont. visit with my folks (and Dad's 89th birthday) have become some chill at home and sew days. I am trying to get out for a daily walk along the creek. No symptoms here but being over 60 with diabetes and...
  12. Tabitha

    Last Post Thread

    Apparently we were the hotspot in Canada yesterday at +16
  13. Tabitha

    what are you reading?

    "21 things you probably didn't know about the Indian Act" by Bob Joseph for our "Book and movie Club from an Indigenous Perspective" at work.
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    Room For All

    Glad you went to Germany Mrs. Anteater. It seems it was the right choice. Here's wishing for improved health for you Chemgal.
  15. Tabitha

    Last Post Thread

    Winter weather in Feb. is the norm for many parts of Canada. Here however it is +6 in the Valley and was -6 last night skiing up the (rather small) mountain. A raven flew across the trail during my ski. Great snow up top- over a metre natural base- a just a scattering of small piles in the...