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  1. Nancy

    Life After Death....

    I had a few experiences after my Dad died. Dad died suddenly of a massive heart attack at age 64. He was a well-loved, larger than life kind of guy. He was a farmer, and died while driving the tractor. I had a few signs of his presence immediately following his death. But a few months...
  2. Nancy

    Room For All

    Had a glass of wine at the shore today. Dog cost a bundle, but ...if she takes her slew of pills...should be okay. The water was beautiful; the company great; the food bbq good. I sat at the end of the day with a glass of wine in hand and was thankful for blessings.
  3. Nancy

    Room For All

    Planned a day at the shore property...swimming, kayaking, bbq, and friends....Instead, I sit by the phone waiting for a call from the vet, where I delivered a sick old pooch. Friends still went out and hubby will greet them. I'll bring food and hopefully make it for supper. (picked garden...
  4. Nancy

    Novel Coronavirus

    son in law's mom: bacterial pneumonia, not covid pneumonia (didn't know there was such a thing).
  5. Nancy

    Novel Coronavirus

    Son-in-law's mom just went to emergency department in city near Detroit Michigan....fever since last Saturday, low oxygen levels, rapid heart rate, confusion, general sickness. She is over 65 and a smoker. Gulp. This is scary stuff. She should have gone to the hospital or a doctor sooner but...
  6. Nancy

    Wondercafe Participation

    Jim...your kind of traditional suits me. I think people don't want to delve into the thinking so much many times, and they want a flare, jokes, some kind of thing they wouldn't expect to see in church. Some friends boasted about their minister who appeared in shorts one day to illustrate a...
  7. Nancy

    Where to next with worship?

    I love these ideas! And as for the response, that is something I have always wanted to do. Sometimes I have questions during the message that distract me from the intended outcome. How wonderful if I could talk to someone about it. Many years ago, while my father was still alive, a group of...
  8. Nancy

    Easter people or Christmas people?

    From what I am reading, organized religion has done a lot of damage. Let's start over.
  9. Nancy

    Create your own world system

    Interesting thread, and definitely some ideas I can support. Most of you probably know me as an optimist. I have to admit that, lately, I am very pessimistic about the state of the world, some of the human beings in it, and our governments' abilities. I hope that changes soon. Even when I...
  10. Nancy

    Room For All

    The wedding happened....allowed 50 people, outside on the lawn of a church. And it was beautiful! Memorable.
  11. Nancy

    Return to church

    My church hasn't even had a Board meeting during all of this! I have written to our Board chair a couple of times with ideas, but they go nowhere. I don't even get a response, other than through the grapevine: "Nancy had an idea but it's something we've never done before." I like the people...
  12. Nancy

    Room For All

    I often wonder where the birds go during a storm. But I don't have the guts to go looking during a storm, so I might never know. The other day, at our shore property (we have a trailer down there now so can stay overnight!), our dog scared a bird that seemed to be hiding under leaves on the...
  13. Nancy

    Room For All

    My hairdressing salon is turning into a pot shop! Now what do I do?
  14. Nancy

    Wondercafe Participation

    Now this may sound corny but....I was deeply hurt by people at my church several years ago. The other people were in positions of authority and I was not, so I just walked away from the situation. (I believe I was the wronged party, but that is my perception). And...I really did rely on God to...
  15. Nancy

    "Strengthening Witness" - what does this mean?

    Yes, I think faith and works/action are connected. I think witnessing is showing that you are following Christ. And that means helping others, loving, being tough when you need to be. and holding worship in high regard. In this day and age, money helps if you want to do particular charitable...