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    Revisiting Mark

    Blessed are the gullible for they shall believeth in anything. My paraphrasing.
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    What will Canada look like after Covid-19

    I have been interested in joining an Intentional Community for the past ten years. This virus has made my resolve to do so all the more urgent. The trick is to find the right fit and one that is close enough for me to visit family.
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    Jesus and power - Who has the truth?

    You say you have listened to around 150 of his sermons and yet you didn't learn anything from them? Now who is the dense one? :rolleyes: I guess his sermons didn't fit in with your agenda. Instead of focusing on what was not there maybe you could of pondered on what was there.
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    Easter Weekend Smalltalk Vigil

    Well you could bake me a cake. :oops: Or I could bake you one.:)
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    89 chapters revisited

    This video came to mind.
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    What will Canada look like after Covid-19

    I was also wondering about our natural resources. I wonder if we will be pushing more for green technology. Time will tell.
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    What will Canada look like after Covid-19

    Will things get back to normal? I mean in terms of the economy but also in terms of how we react with one another. Personally for me I will be doing the same things I would have been doing before but with greater zeal. Avoiding travel by plane, train or bus. Staying away from crowds and not...
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    Novel Coronavirus

    Fire? Fire who ? The boy that cried wolf? :confused:
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    Novel Coronavirus

    One of the reasons I haven't been posting much on WC2 is because of trying to say something in a polite way. Sometimes putting things politely is not worth the effort imo. Better to bite your tongue. I will endeavor to post on here without being too brash but it might take me awhile.
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    New Campaign Slogan for Dems

    Make America HUMBLE again!:rolleyes:
  11. dreamerman

    New Campaign Slogan for Dems

    The swamp will never be drained. In the meantime lets keep playing in the sand box.
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    Novel Coronavirus

    Right. Of course 38,000,000. Why did I think there were only 15,000,000 Canadians?:confused:
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    Novel Coronavirus

    When you do the math 40% of 15,000,000 is 6,000,000 and when you take 0.1% of that it is 6000. Or if it is 1% it would be 60,000 which is still a lot of deaths but no where close to 1.5 million.
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    Novel Coronavirus

    The media is good at stirring things up imho. Although I believe businesses will suffer from this fear and the economy will start to hurt with the increase in cases from this virus. In that case I think politicians will try to down play the risks involved. Less people flying and traveling will...
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    What are "miracles?" Should they be viewed as a normative part of Christian experience?

    I don't know George. A post like that comes across as part of the ghetto talk we see too often around here. Tone it down a bit sir.:whistle: