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  1. Mendalla

    Lay leadership in a UCCan congregation

    As mentioned elsewhere, I am going to Wesley-Knox UC these days. Their bulletin this week has the usual listing of church officers and staff, but one stood out for me: Pastors: The Congregation They also list their minister emeritus, but I think he mostly just does visitation. And they list...
  2. Mendalla

    About UCCan Talk - Please Read Before Posting

    UCCan Talk is a specialty forum geared primarily to members of the United Church of Canada and those with connections to it or an interest in it. It provides a place to discuss the polity, activities, theology, and other topics relevant to the life of that denomination. The forum exists to...
  3. Tabitha

    Anyone going to General Council in July?

    I have just applied to be considered as a steward. I've never gone to a GC befre but I know several wc2ers have. It may be the last GC ever.
  4. Mendalla

    The Mission of the United Church - Is there one?

    Saw this on FB and thought it would be a good thread starter for this forum (since it is a bit quiet). Basically, it's the old question of whether the structural changes in the current remits mean anything beyond simple organizational change without exploring and defining the mission of the...
  5. Mendalla

    Interesting UCCan initiative

    United Church embraces startups as it updates its social mission to engage millennials - The Globe and Mail Saw this in The Globe this morning. Interesting concept and certainly represents the kind of innovative thinking churches need in an era where they are going to be smaller and less...
  6. J

    Marrying Sams

    My Dad used to refer to the Ministers of the United Church I belonged to as a kid as "Marrying Sams." This, because he used to get a kick out of how many weddings they'd officiate at each week - many for couples who we'd never see put foot inside our church again. I was reminded of this when...