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  1. Mendalla

    US Election result?

    What do you think? Not who you'd vote for, but who you expect to be in the White House after the dust settles. Yes, some of these are jokes. Humour is a necessary response to a f***ed up mess like this election.
  2. crazyheart

    Trump and the GLBTQ 2and Kim Jong Un

    This whole thing offends me. Trump has bashed the GLBTQ2 community and even to day visas for Diplomats' same sex partners are being revoked. And then he fell in love with Kim Jong Un. He uses what ever he needs to score a point. Are people just ignoring his crazy statements. If not why are...
  3. Mendalla

    Money & Politics

    I could put this in the Trump thread but I thought it also reflects more generally on the confluence of economic and political power. It's a profile by Keith Boag of the CBC (one of their best at present) of Robert Mercer, the reclusive hedge-fund billionaire who helped put Trump in power and...
  4. crazyheart

    Invictus Games and a Lesson for Mr. Donald.

    Melania was at the opening ceremony of the Invictus games. She sat next to Prince Harry and other dignitaries. The person who should have been there sitting front and centre was Donald Trump. It was a moving beginning to the games - men and women without limbs, scars, PTSD with their canes...
  5. crazyheart

    Knocked off the Sound Waves.

    You would think that Trump would admit to Global Warning and things bigger than his ego. The last weeks of Hurricanes, tornadoes.fires, and earth quakes around the world have knocked him off the news cycle. Will this make him change, do you think?
  6. Mendalla

    Transgender military

    Can we just put Trump on one of those one way colonization missions to Mars now? Seriously, this guy has gone from boorish ass to total bigoted piece of s**t. Not one of his rationalizations for this policy makes sense in light of our experience or the UK's (or, indeed, the recent experience of...