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  1. Mendalla

    How do you see life?

    You hear things like "Life is a journey" all the time. And I think we all tend to see life in different ways. Some of us look forward to a destination or even a reward. Others relish the journey, with their eyes on the next waystation, not an endpoint. Some see life as just being, kind of...
  2. Mendalla

    A None's Story

    Was checking Libby, the library e-book app, to see if anything new was up and they had a new book called "A None's Story" by Corinna Nicolaou. No, that's not a spelling mistake. Corinna is one of the 30 or so percent of Americans who describes their religion as "None" or "No religious...
  3. Mendalla

    Religion and politics

    So, what do you think? Should churches (and non-Christian religious institutions as well) be "politically active" or just focus on "spiritual matters"? How far should they go in their activism? Should their participation in politics be regulated? What does scripture have to say about it? I've...
  4. Mendalla

    Is religion about Hope?

    Well, is it? Religions offer hope of various kinds and in various forms. Christianity offers Heaven or "The Kingdom" depending on interpretation. Islam has it's own vision of Heaven. Judaism has the Messiah. Buddhism offers it's path as a way out of suffering. And so on. Even ancient...
  5. crazyheart

    Differences and love

    In my bible, I have jotted things that have impressed me. The difference between Religion and Faith. Religion - "God is going to make people pay for their sins|" Faith - "Every time I ignore an injustice, no matter where or what it is, I participate in it." "Love is an act of endless...
  6. GeoFee

    Reason and Faith - Compatible/Incompatible?

    Our brains have two hemispheres. The one basically rational and the other basically irrational. This seems to indicate two spheres of human experience on planet earth. I suspect the two compliment and support each other. How about you?
  7. crazyheart


    Do you have flags at the front of your church every Sunday? Do you like flags in church? Should we separate religion and patriotism?
  8. Mendalla

    The Holy is the Daily

    I like this meditation by UU minister Naomi King (who I've talked about on WC and WC2 before). It is about the importance of extending our spiritual life beyond those practices we normally call "spiritual" and into our everyday lives. I think the principle goes well beyond UU'ism and can be...