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  1. Mendalla

    US Election result?

    What do you think? Not who you'd vote for, but who you expect to be in the White House after the dust settles. Yes, some of these are jokes. Humour is a necessary response to a f***ed up mess like this election.
  2. Mendalla

    Canadian election this fall?

    Thought I would break this out of the WE thread since more than that is in play here. With the prorogation of Parliament, we are going to have a new throne speech in September. The vote on a throne speech is always a confidence vote meaning this gives the opposition a chance to force an...
  3. Mendalla

    The road to 2020

    November 2020 seems a long way off, but the short electoral cycles in the US mean candidates are already considering their options. Elizabeth Warren has become the first Democrat to openly explore running against The Donald but I imagine more will be heard from as the year rolls on. Elizabeth...
  4. Mendalla

    Quebec at the polls

    The polls in Quebec's provincial election have been closed but 45 minutes and the CBC is already projecting a win for the Coalition Avenir de Quebec (CAQ). Last numbers I saw had them leading in 64 ridings, 1 more than is needed for a majority. The Liberals are a strong second so will be the...
  5. Mendalla

    The voters were right ... to toss us out

    Ontario voters were right to ditch the Liberals: Fraser - iPolitics A rather refreshing perspective to hear from a defeated political party. The Ontario Liberal Party's interim leader John Fraser has essentially said they have no one but themselves to blame for their defeat and need to start...
  6. Mendalla

    New Brunswick Election nail-biter

    So, as of now, the Liberals and PCs are only 1 seat apart with 4 seats still in play. And the Greens and People's Alliance (not Bernier's party but a similarly named provincial one) have both picked up seats. Looks like this one will go right down to the wire. New Brunswick Election Results...
  7. Mendalla

    Is Ontario headed for another Wynne win?

    Oh God, are the PCs really trying to pull defeat from the jaws of victory again? Party infighting with members threatening to defect to splinter parties or even the NDP is not the face a party with a high chance of victory in less than a year should be showing the public. They are ahead now but...