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    what are you reading?

    I have been reading Obama’s first book ( picked up at a second hand store), “Dreams from my father”. Interesting read, especially how he struggled with his place in society as a black teenager. I am not through yet. Would love to read his last book, but $30+ is a bit too expensive for me. Maybe...
  2. Mrs.Anteater

    “Are we done fighting?- Peace skill workshop

    I could very much agree to making up your own memories. Glad to hear that isn’t just a memory problem. Reading the book for the second time with the addition of the webinar, it supports the insight one is having from reading it alone. It also explains a lot of what is happening here on WC. I can...
  3. Mrs.Anteater

    Room For All

    I think that happy ending stories provide more encouragement than horror movies...
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    “Are we done fighting?- Peace skill workshop
  5. Mrs.Anteater

    Basic Income ... Good? Bad? Ugly?

    Immigration. Lots of people looking for a better life. Give them a chance and at least their kids will do it. Would need more than just money thrown at them. Would need a whole lot more supports.
  6. Mrs.Anteater

    Basic Income ... Good? Bad? Ugly?

    Quote: “In 2019, the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) released a paper showing how a Guaranteed Livable Income could be designed and financed.4 Chapter 4 of the paper identified $202.6 Billion in revenue that could be raised from both federal and provincial sources to finance two of the BICN’s...
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    Prince Philip

    Actually, they said on the radio they met the first time when she was 13. So it was 80 some years they knew each other.
  8. Mrs.Anteater

    Basic Income ... Good? Bad? Ugly?

    “Rather than have a rules-based, bureaucratically driven application process (during which applications must prove they are "really poor" before being approved), all Canadian citizens are ensured an automatic top-up when their income collapses for whatever reason. The incomes would be...
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    Gardening Thread

    We have a person with a great perennial garden who brought her daughter through university by selling plants on her driveway. Neighbours would drop off pots for free.
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    Gardening Thread

    I was lucky to be told by my former neighbour when the new owners of my old house wanted to get rid of all the 10 year old bushes I had planted. I offered to dig them out and move them to my place. A 14 feet high beautybush, took 1 hour to dig out and two to dig in ( my place is on a former...
  11. Mrs.Anteater

    2015/10/02: Day 12 -The radiation process

    This reminded me that after one year of Covid, everybody would have no issue with standing on lines or on dots to wait. ( but who knows, some people still can‘t keep a mask on their nose). I am in awe reading about how pleasant that cancer centre looks inside and how well organized they are. I...
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    Novel Coronavirus

    Yes, not counting them makes things look better. Never mind that these people are still taking up beds and therefore reducing overall capacity. It’s been clear for a long time, that the average time in ICU is significant higher for Covid patients than for others, which is the whole argument for...
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    My neighbours/ neighbourhood

    My neighbourhood is a one street subdivision with Triplexes and Quadruplexes. After the first several units were sold 10 years ago, he sold the rest of the units to a landlord in Halifax who was only interested in making money with renting the places. The first couple of years, it was people who...
  14. Mrs.Anteater

    The Church Vs. The State Civil Disobedience

    What took them so long? When NS had set limits on number of people partying and the fine was $1000 for that, people started to put their money together to make up the $1000. So NS switched to $1000 per person. That worked. They could have done something months ago.
  15. Mrs.Anteater

    Novel Coronavirus

    NS os opening up to Atlantic provinces again, keeping a watchful eye on NB hotspots. Not the other way around yet, though. Not sure if that isn’t a bit early, considering how quickly the variants can spread. Would have waited until at least 60% of Nova Scotians are vaccinated.