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    Covid 19 Vaccine

    Perhaps the about to expire doses can be used for younger people working with the public. Though I suspect that is a bit harder to organize
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    Room For All

    Lol. Last year we had a novice robin who seemed incapable of building a nest. It was all straggling grass and vines. Kept blowing down. Meanwhile perfectly good nests are sitting waiting under eaves and in trees ours seem to like to build near doors which means we are constantly scaring...
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    Nine dead in Toronto

    There was certainly huge push back from people and groups in the spectrum. The doctor who testified on his behalf said that his emotional maturity peaked young and so he didn’t understand the morality. It that went against everything he said in interviews so I don’t think it carried much...
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    Nine dead in Toronto

    Guilty on all counts. Criminally responsible. Murder and attempted murder
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    Harriet and M15

    Little E17 and E 18 are now almost seven weeks old. Still being fed by parents, starting to get feathers. Amazing to me how the parents just settled back into caring for them after they returned. oddly the parents bring random things to the nest. A palm frond, an air plant, some Spanish...
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    Room For All

    Good morning. Still two feet of snow on the ground, 5e pond is still frozen. yet I saw my first robin today so I know spring is coming. four old robins nests are ready and waiting for her
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    Covid 19 Vaccine

    Apparently the AZ vaccine which is due to arrive today is intended for under 65. Yet Tam says anyone? and it expires in a month. So one million doses the news said, yet almost expired. And all provinces are doing elderly first. So what do they do with this? I hope they still have enough...
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    Covid 19 Vaccine

    While Americans will all done by the end of May we remain stagnant. A few hundred thousand here or there. I million here or there. while in fact 50 million doses are more or less needed. I suspect people will start organizing bus trips to the USA for shots
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    WE. What in earth is going on?

    'Shocked, astonished, horrified': WE’s alleged dubious fundraising methods could have negative impact on other charities at least now there will be an investigation. I think the point Angus makes that for decades schools and children have been raising money and we need to assess if it’s valid...
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    Covid 19 Vaccine

    Sounds like you need to figure this out with your doc. I am worried about my hubby with cancer, my kids with asthma. The lack of vaccines is a disaster i hope you get this sorted out.
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    WE. What in earth is going on? a opinion piece about WE i just don’t understand this. The more you read the more it sounds like a scam. Money for naming rights. It just for today?
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    MAID Concerns - How Will Our Politicians Respond?

    I am worried that this slid under the radar, except for Kimmio, because of Covid. I don’t want people getting death on demand. I don’t want people who have terrible quality of life due to mental health, poverty, disability feeling this is a better option. Good health care and proper supports...
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    Covid 19 Vaccine

    Interesting. I wonder why. Allergic reaction? Adrenalin? my sister in law has an elderly aunt 91 , in Calgary. Lives alone. Pretty spry. She just went to her pharmacy and asked to be on the waiting list when they get vaccines. She is 15 in the list.
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    MAID Concerns - How Will Our Politicians Respond? this Star article more specifically looks at the use of MAID in mental illness. it seems to me, that with all the focus on Covid, this issue has slipped under the radar for much of...
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    Covid 19 Vaccine this lists vaccines given per province our health area is now green and doing police and fire as well as health care workers still no sign of when...