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Our great friend, and fellow poster, @You just never know , left us on September 11th. His brother has just posted on his Facebook page. He had faced a long and arduous struggle with cancer, which finally beat him.

I was privileged to meet him about three years ago, when I travelled out to Salt Spring Island to deliver my son home, and then returned. As well as meeting up with Crazyheart, both ways, on the way back I met up with YJNK by meeting him for a morning coffee, then going with him to a wonderful service at Hillhurst United, led jointly by Rev Dr John Pentland and a weekend resident poet.

He was a lovely man, with a delightful sense of wry and self-deprecating humour, and I will miss his presence here, terribly.

I don't know if he'd want to be publicly identified, but I have the website of his obituary, should anyone wish me to share it with them. Send me a Wondermail.


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Sad to hear. He was always such a friendly and warm presence on here. Quite an ardent cyclist, too, often doing rides I can only dream of. RIP, YJNK.


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He was definitely a wonderful presence in the Last Post thread as he shared his cycling adventures and more with us. He will certainly be missed.

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Lordy, lower Deis ... how life goes ... and we are generally deficient on seeing what's coming ... although many deny anon ... it is just like that ... or so it goes ... and yet does it seem a remnant is left behind? That mire touché ...

Respect that!


I am so sorry to hear this....a loss indeed to the Cafe. I had been wondering why he wasn't around. I hope it was gentle for him and he had loving people to be there. My condolences to those close to him.
I just came across this. I did see it months ago when I wasn’t participating here. I know I took some time to reflect in my mind about it. I don’t think I’d even realized he was really ill. A week late to mark the anniversary of YJNK’s death.

I met “M” for lunch and/ or afternoon coffee in Victoria once. I missed the bus downtown and felt awful to be late. He was there, patiently waiting. The cafe opened up with garage door type windows and so little sparrows or finches were hopping around on the tables inside. Not something that every customer would be comfortable with, but M was quite laid back and amused. He was a friendly and gentle presence.
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I have thought about YJNK a few times. I miss his presence here and on FB. It's hard to believe it's been a year since he died.