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The Worship forum is a new one for Wondercafe2. It is intended for discussion of topics related to worship in all its forms and expressions (ie. not just Christian liturgy and homiletics, even if those will be the majority of topics).

Possible areas of discussion:
  • Lectionaries and how to use and work with them
  • How to handle particular theme Sundays or Bible passages
  • Liturgy, including order of service, music, alternative forms of worship, etc.
  • Worship resources like prayers, calls to worship, etc.
  • Homiletics (ie. preaching)
  • The meaning of, and philosophy/theology behind, worship and particular rites
This is an open forum for all members with an interest in worship but we encourage people to keep the focus on worship and related subjects. Topics or posts not relevant to that subject may be deleted or moved to Religion & Faith or Church Life as appropriate by the moderators.
Not open for further replies.