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Luce NDs

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It is said that when words go around a normal table they shift in nature of what was in tent ...

Imagine words going around a table set for the eternal ,,, and folks attempting to set such words in stone ...

KInd'a like floating olefins on water with sparks ... dag nab IT ... flaming Gods they tried to alter the silence ...

Now imagine Rachael as a flying item dropping into this racket of ours ... a welcome abstraction from the deeps of what we don;t know?

Yet there are those fixations here that demand they know all ... thus edifices and tremendous fascists ... facetiously taken ... and re quo' dite ...

Prepare a good myth ... as*smithies? Hind end as Hun'd bunnies!


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Welcome to this bit of the web Lee. Whereabouts in the UK do you hail from? What is the Covid situation like where you are?


Resident Heretic
Yes, there's some English connections here. Besides the "noted atheist", @Pavlos Marcos , Kay is originally from the U.K. and my immediate family hails from Liverpool/Warrington area, where I visit regularly when not in COVID times, as my fav cuz has a narrowboat on which I like to float. My blue heron, left, is perching on a canal wall, and has just now swallowed an entire fish.