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I hope that everyone will pop in and say "hi", and those that are here will welcome them.

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Hi ChemGal, chansen, Alex, Redbaron, GeoFee and Pr. Jae and anyone who has just signed on. Hope everyone is safe with tornadoes creating damage across ON. Very dark here all of a sudden and thunder rumbling in the distance.


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@GGecko Hi! No worries here, it's in the high teens and a bit overcast but it's fairly nice out. Stay safe everyone!


Room for All
Welcome to those who preloaded and validated, including @BusyMom, @crazyheart and @BethAnne
Welcome to all the preregistered, including: @airclean33 , @anthonycsmith , @Beloved , @BetteTheRed , @BillK, @EasternOrthodox , @GGecko , @Greywolf336 , @Hilary , @Hungry Heart , @Inannawhimsey , @Inukshuk
, @Jon71 , @KayTheCurler , @Lastpointe , @MidLifeMom @Motheroffive , @Mrs.Anteater , @myst , @Naman , @Northstar , @Northwind , @Nutmeg , @paradox3, @PilgrimsProgress , @Pr. Jae , @qwerty , @revsdd , @Redbaron , @RichardBott , @Rowan, @Seeler @Sterton @Tabitha
Welcome to those who have registered since opening including: @dreamerman , @HFC , @Smote, @Tao,

Any overlaps or misses are totally a result of old eyes, and not intentional!


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Wow, what a great beginning of folks joining the WC2. Has anyone heard from Arminius yet?


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Thanks for the welcome Pinga! It's good to be here. And huge thanks again for all of the work in getting us here - Pinga, Mendalla and chansen. And thanks to ChemGal for all of the user tips.


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Thank You Pinga for the Welcome shout out. I tried to pre-register but for some reason it wouldn't work for me, so I waited until site was open to join.

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