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Weird cool SCIENCE! Stuff : The Return

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Missed World Toilet Day by a day, but here's a very fascinating history of the toilets in Ancient Rome.


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This looks to be up @ChemGal 's alley.
Beyond my comfort zone. I prefer to avoid really big/really small where many of the physics equations we use really fall apart. I like the range of molecules (although electrons do get considered with lots of chemistry) to planet. Throw in a bit of extra photon stuff and some basic QM, I did reasonable well with the physical side of chemistry/biochemistry when it didn't veer into the very theoretical. I can understand beyond that, but it's a big stretch and I think taking that into a research area would be too frustrating of a challenging level for me. I would also need strong computer skills!

I haven't heard much about the science of sand, but it doesn't surprise me, I did see a few presentations on the science of water.