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May 2, 2014
What is a Study Group?

A "Study Group" is a thread for focussed, guided discussion of a particular topic, usually centred on a book or other media work. As such, there is a need to keep things on topic and relevant to the topic of discussion. Such threads may have their own rules beyond the usual Code of Conduct and tighter enforcement of both those rules and code by moderators. As a consequence, we have a specialty forum just for them.

Who can start one?

Any registered WC2 member can start and lead a study group thread or series of threads. The starter must commit to being the study leader; that is, the person who sets the direction and tone, maintains timelines, proposes questions and other prompts, and so on. There can be more than one study leader, of course.

How do we start it?

Please start a thread discussing the proposed thread (not the actual study thread, just one asking members for interest) or send a conversation to a Council member. The post or conversation should propose the topic, including books or other media to be discussed, number of threads and thread rules. The rules must be reasonable given the topic and scope (examples are below). If Council agrees the thread can be run as a study group, it will be started by the study leader and then moved to the Study Groups forum by a mod. If not, the starter is welcome to run it as a regular discussion thread, but it will be modded as such.

Sample thread rules:
  • All discussion must be directly relevant to the book. Tangents, as determined by the study leader, will be moved to their own thread.
  • Please do not "read ahead" or at least do not bring in topics from a future chapter until we are up to that chapter.
  • Citing other sources is welcome as long as they shed light on the material being discussed. Irrelevant citations are not.
  • Due to the nature of a study, failure to follow the rules are more likely to result in a thread ban.
What if a poster is being disruptive or violates the rules?

The study leader should hit Report and a mod will investigate asap. If the study leader is a mod/admin, they may take action themselves but must still report it so the admins and other mods can make sure they acted appropriately.

What happens when we finish the book/topic?

Notify Council using a report and we will lock the thread, keeping it for archival purposes but preventing further discussion.
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