Vaccine passports and the constitution

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The vaccine isn't experimental, nor is it untested. I won't try to explain it, but there are many reputable sources that do...

I can understand the statement that vaccines are “ experimental”. To a certain degree, all medications and vaccines are, because they follow certain rules to be approved but rare side effects will only be discovered as more people are getting them. But that’s nothing new.For example, with Astrazenika, they discovered certain risk factors as more and more people were vaccinated. If a medication or a vaccine has a risk factor of one death per 1 million vaccinated people, you have to have one million people vaccinated in order to know that. So the simple mind can say the 999 999 people before that were “ experimental” in order to find out that # 1 mio died.

Meanwhile, the simple mind pops his Tylenol for every little head ache and doesn’t worry at all, despite the fact that it is causing a couple of hundred deaths every year.