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Yes. That's already happened in Quebec and Alberta.

How about New Brunswick (and a couple other provinces) which is now basically barring Canadian citizens from crossing its borders based on residency, treating them no differently than someone trying to enter from the US? And the feds have barely made a peep about it, letting the CCLU and private citizens deal with it through the courts. That's definitely not federalism in action.

Luce NDs

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Temporal federal case ... something to be put down in confederacy if not balanced somewhat! What do we know of temporal balance? A mire flighty thought as dirt goes on the winds ...


Being Human
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anti war canada.jpg
I have found a website that shows Canada for what it has always (unfortunately) been: an imperialist power seeking to maintain the world’s massively unfair status quo.

... Yves Engler

"Part of that rare but growing group of social critics unafraid to confront Canada’s self-satisfied myths, regardless of whose feathers he ruffles in the process.”

Yves is interviewed about how Canadian foreign policy is an extension of US foreign policy and the myth of Canada as a benevolent nation. Click here