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Maybe this should be in Fun Stuff, but it could get serious I suppose.

PBS Spacetime has been talking a lot about the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, which basically says that for every situation where there are multiple outcomes, all exist in different universes.

So what other yous could be out there? Break points in your life where things could have turned out very differently (and did in another universe).

I can think of a few:

I do better in high school math and follow my first passion, astronomy. Of course, that means going to different universities and therefore probably I don't meet Mrs. M leading to other relationships and families. In fact, this is probably the me that is most different from the me in this universe.

I pursue grad studies in Classics and my love of archaeology rather than library school. Almost as big a change, really, though the break comes later so perhaps less of one. Still probably end up with a different family, though.

Mrs. M and I break up in our first summer together. Could have happened and almost did. I still become a librarian but not having her would likely mean a different path in my career as well as in my relationships.

I die in one of my car crashes or on the operating table when I have my appendix done. Those are the dull, boring universes no one would want to live in :cool: . I would note that all of these events took place before the original Wondercafe so none of you would ever have known me.


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Is it really an "other you" if you will never know them? I mean, it must just be an identical body?
I could see it if it was like a reincarnation and you get to live your life over with distant memories that remain in your brain subconsciously that would cause you to veer another way.
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My parents would behave differently.

I would have done better in school, said no to peer pressure - never smoked.

My marriage would have worked out.

There are a few people I might have avoided knowing.

I would have had at least one kid.

My best paying job would not have been in a toxic place.

I would be an accomplished writer. Maybe a PhD in sociology or similar.

I would still have the same disability. I wouldn't be me otherwise.

I would just have had differently reacting parents who accepted who I am,that it would be different to have a kid with a disability (they are subconsciously ableist), and supported me as a person with a disability - educating themselves about it as I got older.


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In another universe my first marriage doesn't happen, and I can live happily ever after... I'm thinner and more athletic, and a better dancer. Maybe I go back to school for postgraduate work, and become a professor of something or other...

(Then I take a 3 hour cruise with 6 other people and get shipwrecked... jk)


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I wonder what would have happened if I'd had an abortion at 15, instead of taking a year off, adoption, etc. But then, one of the most interesting people I know, my son in Australia, would not exist, and that would be a bad thing.

And I married too young, and not very suitably. However, then I wouldn't have my other two children, who are fascinating and smart humans, nor would I have the wonderful relationship I enjoy with my sister-in-law/

Finally, instead of fizzling out on a number of efforts at higher education (due to a combination of indecisive major picks and exhaustion), I probably should have been an academic.