Surprise Bag for those who are ill

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I have finally gotten around to building the surprise bag for my sister.

The concept is lots of little gifts, wrapped individually, in a box , bag or basket.
She is to pick one a day.

The fun is in the wondering what is left, and what to open today.

I'm curious what you would suggest for such a gift package.
What do I have so far?

Food items:
  • specialty cookies in a tin *2
  • small canadian chocolate bars
  • Reids chocolate (milk and almonds)
  • munchies

  • stress ball that is quite fun
  • back scratcher
  • a little snowman that grows when they are put in water
  • fancy emery board
  • lip balm
  • handcream
  • skin lotion
  • soft wipes

Decoration / other
  • teeny christmas tree that lights up
  • small pill holder that clips to your purse
  • Pictures from the girls
  • Notes (with special messages from me / family members)
Years ago, when I was 15 and in the hospital for months, a friend made such a bag for me. It has stuck with me, as it helped time pass. It was something to talk about. I had some choice. I knew when something was chips or a chocolate bar, and would pick them if I felt the need for a snack. Sometimes it was a game.
Small stuffed animal? My mom had a beanie baby with her when she was in hospital. These days it might be a squishmallow. I think they come in all sizes.
one of those squishy toys that lights up
a scratch n sniff card
tiny hand mirror
wind chimes
a seashell
a polished pebble (worry stone?)
one of those wooden or metal interlocking puzzles
some hand written coupons with things like: good for one hug, good for one rant, one mind date with (insert celebrity she adores) and so on
Ph, there's the tech types of things too, you would probably have a good idea of what would be needed.
Stylus, popit for holding, extra long charging cable
it's larger than a little thing for a basket but depending on the hospital room - cellphone holder that goes around the neck. I like it for reading, watching videos and certain games when stuck in bed. If not that a small cellphone stand..
Note for a subscription - audible? disneyplus?
there is this one local hospital
it still has that small town feel
and last time i was there had a good time with the gift store ladies :3