Socialism and the Bible ------A Cultural Prophecy | Dr. David Jeremiah

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Agreed. We have some billionaire hoarders who are trying to do what is right. While some share a large part of their wealth, they seem driven to acquire more of what they do not need at the expense of others. Bill Gates in his treatment of farmers in India. Bezos in his treatment of his employees and others. To me hoarders are driven to acquire more of something they do not needneedj


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For some reason I am reminded of the hoarders of stuff who got that way by surviving the Depression.

Makes me wonder what insecurities these billionaire hoarders of money might have.

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The Trinitarian part of me says, "technically no." The pastoral part of me says, "look closer before answering."

I think one of the biggest obstacles we have in conversations about faith is the hidden notion of perfection. That adhering to a specific faith or specific tenets of a faith result in perfect persons.

Maybe eventually it does. Most often we never see it.

If we used the word "Christian" at its most literal "Christ-like" then we would only use it when individuals behaved or spoke in ways that reminded us of Jesus. Sadly if we limited the use of the word that much we'd probably all forget what it meant entirely.

Christians are flawed beings. The grace of God brings them into the kingdom of God not anything they have done or professed. Maybe if we aren't going to use the term Christian narrowly we should be forced to use qualifiers. Saying someone is a poor Christian doesn't kick them out of the kingdom so much as it suggests they aren't the best advertisements for the kingdom. And if we felt stung to be qualified as poor maybe we would invest energy to bump that up to mature or gracious.

The domain of God is a dark mystery ... thus the image of them being drawn into the mystery so those on the inside (innate?) can observe from their darker point ...

Fits with the prodigal sun being invited into the prodigal father intent ... so as to pull a story on the matter of what was seen out there ...