Sins of the 35th Century Redux

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Delightful Life

M&M, Cascadian Lovers
Fellow sentients,

I ask you to put your prognisticating caps on, energize your imagination centres, and , like middle-aged men, go wild!

Imagine it is the 35th Century.

What brave new Sins are there to be had? Feel free to riff as you wish, 'negative' sins, 'positive' sins, 'otherwise' sins, and such.

Future perfect,
it will be a sin to deny someone else the way they want to explore their consciousness

there will be sins of not excelling

it will be a sin to be too boring

there will be the positive sin of delighting in the colour durple

there will be the sin of refusing someone else their reinstantiation
never, ever change your vodor setting to green; there is a reason for that, y'know!

"kill it with fire" is still the proper greeting for the living firefalls of Prolix 7

keep on immanentizing the eschaton

black holes suck

the forbidden word is now snortneblin...*face-equivalent palm*
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And according to that same laughing kid it hurt like hell dragging that floret from the back of his throat, through his sinuses and out his nostrils.

I'm mildly offended that there was no prize for pulling that off.

More offended at the lack of commendation than I was relieved I didn't kill him.
"It will be a sin to not have a tail."

Thus god and the devil are in detailing ... after is time for smoking dialogue ... thus smoking, complex, cults (sects)!

It is a sin not to confuse "a tail" with atoll so one can discover isolated thoughts separate from the cosmopolitan mind ... why it is wonderful to wander as a cloud or a daffy dill ...

The truth about the dispersion of thoughts by god is a sin ... except when looked at from the other side by gathering senses ... when one can uncover an energetic impulse ... some say encounter with the infinite sole (singularity in psyche) impossible in our dimension ... 3D+ up to the eternal? Powers of avarice hate for you to go there ... they despise character of abstract representing the imaginary mental device in a squeeze ... thus allowing jew-sing ... vocalizing powerfully but silently so as to be unknowing to the unread (illiterate)? Hebrew NG ambiguity ... a pair a' docks ... like theistic a' theist in print (impressed)?

You just know there is more to the flat out ... Masada?
Is an absolute Black Hole abstract as a sin to those believing they know-it-all ... and thus act the incarnate out as in?
Is it broke coli, or a disrupted column? Semi-colonoscopy ... partial vision of the ass in Nous ... po' lye appreciated as a hidden altruism ... that religiously was to be expelled, isolated by constitutional gravitas ... borderline populations?

Perhaps just a fringe thought ... while passing through the emotional state of mind?
It will b a sin to stay entirely in 1 identity 4 yer entire lifeline

remember: antimatter people r people 2

after the great suffix wars, it will finally be settled: its centER and not the more gauche way
Antimatter? Contrary to what's the matter with the other folk?
not to mention
dork matter
and occulted energy
heck the entire 35th century world could be powered by a few sentients with terminal cases of ingrown humour...their perpetually furrowed brows, their hand-equivalentz worn smooth with worry...
itll b a sin to stay in 1 chirality

itll still b a sin not to b able to quote from:
Douglas Adams
Holy Grail
Princess Bride